Dave Chappelle sighting at Peet’s coffee in FiDi

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Celebrities too need their coffee fix!

Dave Chappelle, the comedian and host of The Chappelle Show was spotted earlier this afternoon in the Financial. He was seen enjoying a coffee from Peet’s at Sansome and Clay streets.

Friday afternoon. Jasmine Rice who works nearby on Commercial Street was in line at Peet’s. “It was a little bizarre and I kept trying to figure out what all the hype was about” she said.

As she got her drink, Chappelle left and on his way out, two girls asked for his photo, which he agreed to. Once outside, several others took advantage of the moment to get a picture with the star.

“He was super nice and easy about the whole thing” Jasmine said of the comedian.

“He’s long gone,” a Peet’s employee said about an hour after the comedian’s visit. When asked about celebrity sighting, the worker who’s only been working there two months, said it was the first, but not so uncommon.

So look around carefully next time you go for coffee. Who knows will be in line in front of you!


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