Nice to Meet you Andrew Byrne

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi folks,

So I got to know more about Andrew Byrne, the drummer man who rocks out downtown on sunny (and foggy) days with his drumming skills.

Meet Andrew. A Bay Area native, Byrne is originally from South San Francisco. You might have seen him on Powell or Market Street rocking out his drum-set.
Upon getting to know him, what we find is a passionate musician, who’s been playing the drums for 22 years and who “has never let his rock star dream die.”

Andrew Byrne, seeking pro gigs

How do you earn a living?  Drumming is my only source of income at the moment.  This brings much pleasure and self worth to my life.
I’ve seen from other Youtube videos that you play in other spots, where can people find you? What’s your favorite spot?  I also play near powell street, as well as a spot about three blocks closer to the ocean from where you saw me. (Montgomery Bart Station) My favorite spot that I have played so far is in golden gate park near hippy hill.
Besides looking for professional gigs, do you play with bands?  I have a couple of bands in the works but nothing that is established as of yet.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will start to see some success soon.
Who do you listen to? Who has most inspired you musically?  I mostly listen to a lot of heavy metal music but also enjoy some prog, as well as some funk fusion stuff.  Some of my favorite drummers that have inspired me over the years are Simon Phillips, Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan, Mike Portnoy, and Joey Jordison.
What venue would dream to play?  A sold out Cow Palace would be a life long dream come true.  I’d also really like to play the London Arena.
Outdoors v. indoors? Which do you prefer to play? “Outdoors its a bit more intimate and I can connect with my audience much better.  Indoors with a great sound system and flashy lights is probably a bit more enjoyable for me though.
To hear more of Andrew’s drumming skills, find him on youtube or look back at my previous post.
Rock on!

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