Until next time, FiDi

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I remember very clearly my first walk in the Financial District, several years ago. I was impressed by the tall buildings, the hurried businessmen and the clicking of heels on the pavement.

Seven years later, this neighborhood feels like a familiar face. I am no longer intimidated by it, rather intrigued by all of its facets I don’t know or don’t have a story for.

While reporting from the streets of San Francisco’s FiDi, I discovered a humane side to it that I wasn’t expecting in a commercial district. It’s not all about greed and profit, in this neighborhood many people care about others, care about creating a fun, family-like microcosm.

To the unfamiliar eye, this neighborhood can seem pretty impersonal, driven by the hustle and bustle of peak hours, but there’s more to that.

First of all, its history. I was flabbergasted to discover this neighborhood as the site of so many firsts. This in particular was of great interest to me and I enjoyed going back in time of the gold rush, the 1609 Earthquake and beyond. Now as I am walking by, I am often tempted to ask people eating out on on sunny days whether they know that where they’re sitting used to be a wharf.

Through my investigations, I encountered fellow bloggers, city officials, workers, commuters, tourists and restaurateurs. In this neighborhood, many different people cross paths every day. Maybe this is the beauty of San Francisco, that even in a business-specific district like this one, which attracts talents from everywhere, there’s still kinship and compassion.

Thanks to this neighborhood blog, I learned to use public service resources, I attended my first press conference, did countless interviews. I devoted much time and energy to my first journalistic blog experiment. I know for sure there’s plenty more for me to learn in my journalistic journey, but I have enjoyed the process thoroughly so far.


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